Thursday, September 12, 2013

Some Farmers' Market Love

I, personally, am refusing to accept that summer is coming to a close. In fact, I do believe that the weather agrees with me. Right now, in my new little city, it is 26 degrees Celcius. As much as I enjoy me some butter-soft leather boots and chunky knitted scarves, I am not quite ready to give up the warm weather. And so I will keep my 26 degrees Celcius, merci beaucoup. 

In order to profit fully from this early fall warmth, I visited my local farmers' market last Saturday. In fact, I managed to get myself involved in the lovely affair and am now a bonafide volunteer. I even have an official t-shirt to prove it.

Anyways, I woke up around the wee hour of 6a.m. on Saturday and made my way to Charles Clark Square (NOW can you guess where I am?!). The city was calm and quiet as I walked along our beautiful river (another location hint!). Seriously, I am becoming more and more convinced that I am absolutely a morning person. It was utterly delightful to walk along the streets that fine morning.

At the market, after I had met the market manager and was shown around a bit, I commenced my volunteering duties. I helped unload crates of stunningly colorful fruits and helped organize herbs and vegetables at different stalls. I absolutely enjoyed organizing different pamphlets of seasonal produce and handing them out to people. There was even a little booklet of recipes that showcased local ingredients! Amazing!

In between my unloading lettuce bushels, I was able to capture some lovely little pics. It was truly a fantastic way to spend my Saturday morning and get to know some people in my new town. Here's a glimpse!

Have a lovely Thursday evening, mes amis!
xo Coco

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