Tuesday, March 19, 2013


for our readers not living in the land of corrupt politicians, potholes, and poutine... it is our solemn duty to inform you that currently there is a snowstorm conquering montreal.  did you know we are officially welcoming spring in 2 days?  

before i came to montreal, i never really thought much about spring.  if i had to rate spring out of the four seasons, it would probably be last. why? it's not like fall where colours change, it's not winter with snow and christmas, and it's definitely not as enjoyable as summer! 

now that i've experienced the east coast, i can definitely appreciate the beauty that is spring. the weather gets warmer (-20 to +5!), the days get longer, and you don't have to look at the ground while walking in order to avoid slipping on your way to class... 

spring is also symbolic. it's a season for new beginnings. rejuvenation. renewal. 

renewal is something that i've experienced lately.  i've been overwhelmed with school, applications and other activities going on in my life that i've barely had time for someone who is of far greater importance than anything i've listed. to make things worse, i didn't really feel guilty that i've prioritized these issues ahead of Him.  i've been enamoured and captivated by sin... i can't conquer or even subdue it; it dictates the decisions i make as well as the words i think and speak.  on top of that, i often compare myself to others and contrast my wickedness by justifying my actions and thoughts.  how utterly wretched i am.  romans 7:14-15 sums it up pretty well - "for we know that the law is spiritual, but i am of the flesh, sold under sin.  for i do not understand my own actions. for i do not do what i want but i do the very thing i hate." 

the amazing thing is that i know that i serve a God who can conquer my darkness. the question i often struggle with is - will i let him? 
arrest my heart 
from its reckless path
release the chains in me
awake my soul
to the hope you hold
your grace is all i need

i love how He is a loving, powerful, and merciful God.  he chose to carry my sins on the cross, making me worthy.  it's my prayer that i can engrave this on my heart.