Sunday, April 13, 2014

slightly too early for throwback thursdays, but this past post caught my eye:

"But, to the 10 people I know oh-so-well, I am so grateful that God placed these people in my life.  Each person is so unique in his or her own way and their friendship is something I will value and cherish for the rest of my life.  Friday night dinners and adventures, concerts, arguing over who can eat the last brownie, watching countless youtube interviews, speaking in strange dialects and accents, talking about our goals and future over coffee, and yes, even studying, have been consistent activities since year 1. And while my life may seem boring to some, these little moments have fixated my heart."

life after school hasn't been easy. to be honest, its been kind of rough. the road i always thought i'd take is no longer one i strongly desire. basically, i am the definition of a post grad arts major who has no idea what they want to do, but has passionate interests in things/topics that are relatively useless or difficult to pursue. finding purpose and satisfaction in a career i desire has been tough. acknowledging my career shouldn't be my identity is even harder.

10 Things That Happen After You Graduate College

i don't exactly know what path i want to take, but its important to remind my analytical brain that life doesn't go from point A to point B through steps 1, 2, and 3. it's important to have a goal and a viable plan, but its also critical to recognize the importance of being flexible.

(still working on this).