Wednesday, September 12, 2012

mini fashionistas

has anyone heard of keirnan shipka? no? ok, allow me to introduce her.

kierana shipka, otherwise known as sally draper, is an actress on mad men.  she's been noted for her acting, charisma, and determination. recently, she's been crowned fashion's newest it girl thanks to her impeccable style. she's had articles swooning over her from style blogs to vogue. yes, you read that right, vogue.
kiernan shipka at ralph lauren (source: teenvogue tumblr)
the coveteur, which featured keirana, gave its readers a glimpse of her closet. inside her two closets you'll find pastel peter pan collared dresses, antique jewellery, and soft dainty flats. most of which, we will probably never be able to afford. regardless of monetary value, her closet reveals clean cuts, crisp colours, and shows individuality, which one can say is pretty rare in our world today.

she also happens to have been born in 1999, making her the ripe old age of 12 years old.

yes, i am in awe of a preteen who has better style than a 21 year old (me). while simultaneously drooling over her closet pieces and her facial ability to leap frog over the awkward stage in life that we call preteen, i couldn't help but be bewildered.

how strange is it that a 12 year can say that she can't live without her cole haan boots? Or the fact that she knows what taffeta is? maybe i'm getting old, but shouldn't a 12 year old enjoy his or her childhood? there's nothing wrong for a preteen to have hobbies and be interested in them - i.e. fashion. but it is concerning when materialism is soaked into our lives... to the point that children can name designers.

anyways, here's the link to the article with pictures.
feel free to drool over her shoes, dresses, accessories, etc. i wish they came in adult sizes hah.